Cycle Repair

If your bike needs surgery or TLC, we can do this for you, either at our workshop or at your house, from general servicing to wheel rebuilds to component upgrades, whatever you need!



We aim to recycle and reuse as much as possible, all lubricants and cleaners whenever possible are 'green' & biodegradeable, all waste will be recycled and if your bike parts are salvageable them we will not put new bits on-unless you want us to!


Towy Valley Cycles has been running for 12 years and I charge £25 per hour, most repairs can be done quite quickly


Parts are charged at RRP and if it looks like it is going to cost

lots then i'll let you know first


If you want an idea of what basic parts cost the go to Hykeham Wholesale online that will tell you what the parts will cost you roughly



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